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MapViewer is a free GIS software tool developed by the Center for Geographic Information Sciences. MapViewer offers the basic GIS functionality that you will need to explore your GIS data.

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ADC Grid Locator

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Mr. Sid

MrSID provides users faster access to large maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, animation, photo archives, engineering drawings, and other digital images and multimedia files. Actual compression ratio achieved varies depending on image content and color depth but in general it is around 20:1 for grayscale and 50:1 for full-color.

MrSID is a revolutionary, wavelet-based image compressor, viewer and file format specifically designed for massive raster images enabling instantaneous viewing and manipulation locally and over networks. Unlike other compression technologies, MrSID produces unprecedented compression ratios while, at the same time, preserving maximum image quality-- and you can compress an image of practically any size, terabytes if you want! The obvious benefits include fast browsing of huge images and increased storage capacity.

MrSID includes these advanced features:

  • Selective Multi-resolution Browsing
  • Georeference Support
  • Selective Decompression
  • Automatic Seamless Mosaicking
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Seamless Browsing
  • Uncompromised Image Quality
  • Unsurpassed Image Compression
  • Exceptional Ease of Use
  • Fast File Manipulation on Internet, Networks, CD-ROM

MrSID operates on any computer from a standard desktop model to a powerful workstation--and on most operating systems (e.g., MS Windows 95/NT, UNIX, MacOS), all of which makes the implementation of MrSID into your current workflow a cinch. You can compress most common image file formats (e.g., TIF, BIL, BMP) into the MrSID file format (.SID), which can then be opened and viewed with any MrSID Viewer, or stored and distributed. MrSID does not require any special hardware and is Internet ready.

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